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Lawyer Serving Luzerne County, PA

When you need a local lawyer serving Luzerne County, PA, rely on Hudacek & Hudacek Attorneys at Law. We have been serving residents and businesses in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties since 1959. Hudacek & Hudacek offers representation on estate matters, elder law, and much more as part of our general practice. Obtain the legal counsel you need for wills, trusts, estate administration, asset protection, elder care, estate, and business matters. We stand by your side in probate cases as well as residential and commercial real estate closings. Call Hudacek & Hudacek at (570) 779-9591 Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Fridays 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact us online at your convenience to schedule a consultation.

Local Nanticoke-Area Lawyers for Estate Planning, Probate, and More

Hudacek & Hudacek Attorneys at Law in Plymouth, PA, offers local representation on estate law matters. We serve residents of Nanticoke, Dallas, Wilkes Barre, and surrounding areas who want to set their final wishes. Our attorneys can establish wills and living wills, and give sound counsel on probate and other estate law matters. Contact Hudacek & Hudacek Attorneys at Law with any estate planning questions you may have:

How do I begin the estate planning process?

How do I go about naming beneficiaries for my assets?

What is the best way for my loved ones to administer my estate?

Do I need a will?

How can I establish my Last Will and Testament?

How can I make changes to an existing will?

Who can help establish a trust for my estate?

What is available for asset protection under estate law?

Where can I get advice on probate matters?

How do I establish advance directives for my health or other decisions?

Estate Planning and Administration to Define Your Legacy for the Future

An estate plan provides the opportunity to set forth your answers to these and other questions you may have. Working with the attorneys at Hudacek & Hudacek can provide some ease and comfort for your family. Estate planning allows you to set forth various protections for your assets and loved ones.

For those who have secured their estate under the law, we can also offer counsel and representation on estate administration. Ensure that your final wishes are carried out responsibly. Hudacek & Hudacek understands each estate matter can have unique circumstances. We can help you plan for uncertainties involving estate administration to help provide a bit of peace for loved ones.

‘Relate to Your Estate Instead of Probate’

The rhyme above does offer some good advice. Do not wait for an unexpected illness or accident to affect you or your loved ones. The best time to plan ahead is now. Having a will, trust, powers of attorney, and other documents in place takes a large burden off your loved ones. The time after a person passes on can be difficult enough without adding the worry of probate court.

People who pass away intestate, or without a will, can leave behind many loose ends. They also leave decision making to the probate court. The court then must approve an administrator for proper distribution and care of the assets in your estate. Hudacek & Hudacek Attorneys at Law can help with an estate plan that meets your specific needs. Take charge of your estate by having the proper paperwork in place ahead of time. 

A Peaceful Future Starts with Sound Estate Planning

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Plan Care for Yourself or Family Members Within Elder Law Guidelines

Hudacek & Hudacek Attorneys at Law encourage area residents to not only plan ahead for their estate. Residents of Kingston, Sweet Valley, Harveys Lake and surrounding areas can call to discuss elder law matters. Consider the many special needs you or a loved one may have. As we age, these needs to not disappear. 

In fact, aging loved ones may require additional support to handle financial, healthcare, and other important aspects of life. Our attorneys can provide the elder law services to plan for a variety of scenarios. For those who are older, injured, or infirm and cannot travel, we are happy to arrange home and hospital appointments.

Power of Attorney (Finances)

Power of Attorney (Healthcare)

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Living Will

Nursing Home Planning

Preneed Guardian

Special Needs Planning

Home and Hospital Appointments Arranged

Reasonable Fees

Healthcare Powers of Attorney (POAs), Nursing Home Planning, and More

Consult with us on elder law matters that impact your life. These include services such as establishing a power of attorney (or “POA”) to handle financial or health decisions. You or your loved one may need POAs to take care of various aspects of estate, health, or business affairs, and Hudacek & Hudacek can help.

In addition to a healthcare power of attorney, you may also want to set forth a living will. We can help with nursing home planning or other guardianship matters. In short, we have experience to help with any type of special needs planning. Our fees are reasonable, so give us a call today and achieve added peace of mind.

Call Hudacek & Hudacek for Legal Services in Our General Practice

Hudacek & Hudacek in Plymouth, PA, are pleased to provide many other legal services as part of our general practice. We are a local resource for business formation, real estate closings, document reviews, insurance matters, and much more. Does your legal matter require an attorney’s guidance or intervention? Call our office today for a consultation. 

Business Formation & Incorporation for Wilkes Barre-Area Companies

Hudacek & Hudacek in Plymouth, PA, are pleased to provide many other legal services as part of our general practice. We are a local resource for business formation, real estate closings, document reviews, insurance matters, and much more. Does your legal matter require an attorney’s guidance or intervention? Call our office today for a consultation. 

Business Structures Operate Under Proper Business Law

When your business is getting off the ground, you need essential items in place. These include such things as a business license, insurance, liability coverage, and more. 

There are different tax structures that make forming a corporation beneficial. A corporate structure will need to have bylaws and articles of incorporation. If you offer shares to shareholders or are a partnership, there must be additional operational and tax policies in place. 

Various contracts and agreements must also comply with the law in order to protect you and your company. Know the validity of documents before you sign. Your company’s profitability relies on following proper business law. Turn to Hudacek & Hudacek for legal services for your business today.

Pittston-Area Attorney for Commercial & Residential Real Estate Closings

Real estate matters in Pittston and the surrounding areas often require representation by an attorney. Having an attorney present can help you avoid costly delays and more, so you know what to anticipate. Consult with Hudacek & Hudacek Attorneys at Law about representing you at commercial or residential real estate closings: 

Commercial Real Estate Closings
There are several possible problems a commercial real estate closing can have. For example, commercial buildings or undeveloped land may have a number of ordinances and easements grandfathered in over time. Depending on the type of structure, there may be concerns with leases or title liens, tenants, storage, trash, or upkeep that could impact closing. Before you sign on a commercial real estate transaction, obtain a thorough review of these and other aspects.
Residential Real Estate Closings
Similarly, residential real estate closings can benefit from a legal review as well. Purchasing a home is not something you do every day. Even if this is not your first home purchase, a local attorney from Hudacek & Hudacek can help. We can assist you with document and title review to ensure you are getting what you expect. This ensures added peace of mind when signing the many documents required at a residential real estate closing. 
Before You Sign an Agreement, Contract, Lease, or Important Document

If you have any questions about an important document, consult with Hudacek & Hudacek first. It is a prudent practice, before signing any agreement, contract, or lease, to have an attorney review it. Many agreements can contain ‘fine print’ or ‘legalese’ that may be difficult to understand. It is possible to sign away your rights or lose more than you bargained for without realizing it. When you need a lawyer serving Luzerne County, PA, call Hudacek & Hudacek Attorneys at Law.

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